One Of A Kind, LV Monogram Vinyl Wrapped Car!

Although vinyl wrapping your vehicle may be a bit off subject for our Louis Vuitton site, what if we told you that someone actually vinyl wrapped their car with the LV monogram. In fact what if we told you that a 15 year old boy from Dubai wrapped his Ferrari in the LV Monogram because it’s one of his favorite brands!  Of course the LV Monogram wrap is not “authentic” Louis Vuitton, but the fact that he customized his Ferrari with the Louis Vuitton logo is huge! Not only for him and his car but also for the Louis Vuitton brand in itself. Why? When George Vuitton, the son of Louis Vuitton created the LV Monogram he did so to authenticize their brand and also too brand it.  Pretty much anyone that sees the LV Monogram knows it’s Louis Vuitton. Branding your company is hugely important to any business and also gives the brand it’s own voice in the consumer world.

After seeing this video we contacted a vinyl wrap company to understand the process on how this wrap was created and so beautifully depicted on his souped up Ferrari. Although we couldn’t reach the actual vinyl wrap company in Dubai we figured an expert in the field could answer some of our questions!

How Do You Go About Printing a Logo On a Vinyl Wrap- First the owner of the car must have a blueprint template of the car made.  This enables the wrap designer to scale the images wanted perfectly to the said cars body style, curves, grooves etc.  Afterall you want the custom wrap to fit the car as if it was made for it and to look as natural as possible.

How Is the Logo Printed On?- The logo once designed is fitted to the blueprint template of your car, then printed on a large sheet of adhesive paper using a special printing machine.  A vinyl wrap professional then adheres the large sheet to your vehicle’s surface. It is important that the company printing and installing your wrap uses high quality materials.  The type of material used greatly affects the quality of your wrap.

Will The vinyl Wrap Affect The Original Paint- The vinyl wrap actually does NOT alter the original paint of your car.  Instead it protects the paint and body of the car by acting as a type of durable shield.  A vinyl wrap when taken care of as advised by the vinyl wrap company you used, should last up to 5 years.  If 15 year old Rashed Belhasa should decide he wants to remove the LV monogram he simply has to have the wrap removed and his beloved Ferrari will be restored to its original yellow color.

Not only is Rashed’s LV Monogram Ferrari one of a kind it also is quite incredible at 15 years old he owns such an exquisite automobile and has such polished tastes.  We Love your LV Monogram wrapped car Rashed and I’m sure it’s safe to say that most louis Vuitton lovers will appreciate your Ferrari for the beautiful piece of art that it is.