Coated Canvas vs. Authentic Leather

louis-vuitton-luxury-brandMany people have the misconception that Louis Vuitton bags are made out of leather, or at least all leather at that.  However, did you know that while there are parts on Louis Vuitton handbags that are made from real leather most Louis Vuitton bags are made from coated canvas!  Coated canvas is not leather at all and instead is a layer of cotton canvas that is coated with PVC, a plastic derivative.  Coated canvas actually makes the bag a lot lighter and a lot more durable than other luxury handbags that are made from authentic real leather.  It also makes Louis Vuitton bags a better investment! Still there are a lot who wonder how Louis Vuitton brand bags and such can be so pricy when they are just made from coated canvas.  The fact is the production process for Louis Vuitton bags is much more of an in depth process than other coated canvas handbags, and their is a definite distinction with Louis Vuitton!

LV-coated-canvasFacts On Coated Canvas Louis Vuitton Handbags

  • Goes through 100 stages during production process before it can be sold on retail shelves.
  • Louis Vuitton bag trim is made from authentic cowhide leather
  • Much More Durable
  • A lot lighter and great for those with back and shoulder issues
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in production

For those that are wondering what types of leathers are used for luxury handbags outside of coated canvas………

3 Basic Leathers Used For Luxury Handbags:

Full-Grain Leather-  Made from only the finest of all natural hides and have no imperfections at all!  This leather is extremely durable and offers excellent quality and a smooth texture

Corrected-Grain Leather-  This leather is also known as top grain leather.  One side of this leather is smooth and the other side has a fuzzy texture.  This is because the natura hide and texture is sanded down to showcase the smoother side.  This type of leather offers versatility which adds to its beauty.

Suede- To achieve this type of leather the inside must be split.  A soft velvety texture is created making it a favorite of many.

Exotic Leathers- while these leathers are a bit more rare they are also used inpython-leather-handbags the production of luxury handbags.  Think ostrich, stingray, crocodile, and snake/python

Even if you were thinking that Louis Vuitton bags were made completely of leather and have found out today that instead the material you covet so much is coated canvas, one fact remains the same.  Louis Vuitton bags are made very well, they hold their value and they are one of the best luxury designer bags one can carry. So cheers to coated canvas we love your lightweight luxurious durability!