Business Logo- Defining Your Product

One of the most important things in business is your company’s logo. While Business-competitionmany may agree that a logo is of importance, a lot of people still don’t know just exactly how important your logo is and how it helps to gain branding awareness and recognition for your company. This being said, coming up with a clever and eye catching logo that represents your company and what it’s about is very beneficial for all business owners. Louis Vuitton knew this when he designed his signature LV monogram. But you don’t just have to be a fashion designer to create the right logo. For example, a Phoenix based plumbing company knew that they were part of a huge market of plumbers and that their industry was very competitive. They wanted their logo to stick in the minds of potential consumers, while representing what their business was about. How did they do this? They used plumbing pipes and formed it into a red cross that depicted that of what we identify as emergency help! They relayed to their consumers and possible customers that they were there in times of plumbing emergencies, because let’s face it when you have trouble with your plumbing it pretty much always needs to be fixed ASAP! This is just one example of why your company’s logo plays such a big part in branding and establishing your business. Check out our other tips on just how important a logo is and why!

Business Logo Importance


How else do you acquire a possible customer but by grabbing their ATTENTION. In today’s world you have mere seconds to get a person’s attention and make any possible connection. If you can establish what your business is about and what your services are in this small time frame it makes all the difference. Like the example we gave above! First impressions leave a lasting memory so this is basically your big chance.

Business Identity-

business-identityYour logo represents your business identity and while you may be more than just what your logo communicates it is still a short narrative of what your company’s core values are and the benefit you may be to potential consumers. So this means that not only do your choice of graphics matter so does the color, tones, fonts and other materials you may use. For example (we are big on examples because we like to paint a picture for our readers) you may have heard that McDonald’s chose yellow and red for their logo colors because they provide comfort and relaxation when people are eating. So basically you see these colors and it relaxes you to enjoy what you are that Big Mac and fries!


Your logo is the visual that people use to recognize your brand, services and business. Meaning that when your logo is seen the person will automaticallybusiness-logo connect your logo to your business. What is the first thing you think of when you see an LV monogram? Louis Vuitton. While Louis Vuitton definitely has other patterns and such that are part of it’s brand when you think of the name Louis Vuitton you immediately envision the monogram LV on a brown coated canvas. Or what if you see a checkmark better known as a swoosh? Nike, Three stripes, Adidas and so on.  Creating a logo that is simple yet eye catching helps to differentiate your business from the hundreds of others that are in your same field!

Got Keep it Separated!-

Yep, just like we mentioned above you need to create a logo that is eye catching and symbolizes your business and brand. This allows you to separate your business from all of your competitors. If a person needs plumbing services and they have seen the plumbing company we mentioned logo they might automatically know who to call for plumbing help especially in an emergency!

If you are in the process of creating your logo remember that it will be the face of your company for all of the years you are open for business. Rebranding your company with a new logo can be quite tricky and changes your identity, so it’s best to make sure the logo you create is the one you really feel communicates what your company is about!