Setting Your Brand Apart From the Competition

If you have read some of our others posts on Louis Vuitton you know that he himself came from humble beginnings. At a young age he set out alone from his small town on foot leaving his family and everything he knew behind to seek better opportunity and a better way of life. When he realized his passion for box making he thus strived to bring his brand and creations to life, never giving up no matter the setbacks he faced. Now all of these years later the Louis Vuitton brand is not only a well known name throughout the world it is also the top luxury brand that has branched out from just luggage and handbags to an all encompassing line of fashion for both men and women. How did Louis Vuitton set his brand apart from all of the others in such a  competitive market? While also making sure his brand and items continuously held their value?

business-successNo matter what your brand or business may be the key is how you set yourself apart from the competition, which Louis Vuitton seemed to understand from the get go. Whether you own a garage door company in a big city, a massage business or even an auto detailing company it is crucial to carve out a presence for your business amongst your competitors. How do you go about doing so exactly? It seems a lot easier said than done. Following these guidelines can help you set your business apart from the rest while helping to create the same magnitude of success as Louis Vuitton and his brand!   

Establishing Brand Presence in A Competitive Market

  • Goals- It is VERY important that you establish both short and long term goals. All business owners have their eye on the prize but in order to get to the bigger goals you must first start with the smaller ones.  Think of conquering the small goals as building a strong foundation for your brand
  • Study Your Industry- There is no better way to understand your competitorsindustry-competition than immersing yourself in your market. Understanding your competitions product, services offered and business processes can go a long way in helping you to no only outshine them but also differentiate yourself. Parker Garage Door owner and operator Leann, solidifies the fact you have to be at least one step ahead of your competition. In the garage door repair industry in a large city consumers have an abundance of options.  Why should they come to you? Why should they seek your services? What makes you better and different from the other companies?
  • Brand Quality-  The quality of your product is very important. You want to provide consumers with a brand that they no will last and retain its value. Louis Vuitton handbags and apparel is pricey but it never really depreciates in value. Same goes for services provided even those of garage door repair.  If the job is done well with quality materials customers will see long lasting results and be more apt to use you in the future or recommend you to others in need of the same services.
  • Customer Service- Developing strong and courteous customer service is just as important as brand quality. Louis Vuitton established a respectable and trusted relationship with the wealthy. During that era the wealthy was the elite class and gaining credibility with the like was a huge stepping stone adding to his success.
  • Perseverance- Setbacks are just that setbacks.  In any business you will inevitably experience some at one point or another. The way you handle and deal with these setbacks will indeed set you apart from the others in your industry.  Louis Vuitton didn’t give up when his first luggage shop was vandalized and all of his equipment was stolen. Instead he came back bigger and better than ever. If he had given up where would the Louis Vuitton brand be today? Most probably not ranking number one amongst the other luxury brands of the world.

In a nutshell starting and succeeding in business and establishing your brand is not for the weak minded. You must go into business with passion, dedication and a thick skin if you want to grow and succeed. ALWAYS keep your eye on the prize (your end goal) but never become so focused on it that you are not paying attention to the smaller step stones needed to get there.  


Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

There are many things that set the Louis Vuitton brand apart from other luxury brands making it the No.1 luxury brand in the world. Check out this short video showcasing the Louis Vuitton Fashion show. From the theme of the show to the decor and even the walk of the fashion show models no wonder Louis Vuitton is in a class of it’s own!

What Makes the Louis Vuitton Brand No. 1????

top-luxury-brandPerhaps you may have read our last article on the top 5 luxury brands throughout the world. If so you will have seen that Louis Vuitton takes the #1 spot with total earning of 28.4 billion dollars per year.  Not only is the brand’s success due in part to the many different products offered such as luggage, handbags, men & womens fashion, shoes, and accessories, it is also due to the high quality material and lasting value of each item. In fact the Louis Vuitton brand is indeed doing something right with its lengthy success history and ability to stay at the top of the luxury fashion game. We decided to dig a little deeper into what exactly makes the Louis Vuitton brand so successful!

The Success of Louis Vuitton

  • Spectacular Quality- In the era of mass production that often resorts to quickhigh-quality-merchandise and cheap quality, Louis Vuitton stands up to the masses and delivers nothing but fine quality, “handmade” products.  While some will argue that not every bag or piece is actually made all by hand, the Louis Vuitton brand stands by the fact that while some hand sewing machines are used it does not take away from the handmade quality of the luxury brands products.  In fact in terms of where we are at with technology and in the world of fashion today hand sewing machines should be expected to be included when advertising handmade items.
  • Tradition & Innovation- The Louis Vuitton brand knows that keeping with traditions has made it a lasting brand and number one at that since 1854. However it is also aware of the fact that as times change and the brand continues to grow, innovation is also key. What once started out as a line of luggage, think trunks & chests, has now grown into a brand offering a lot more tradition-innovationvariety of merchandise.  At to that a specialized line available for customization and personalization and consumers are able to achieve exactly what design and product they want!
  • Exclusiveness of Products-  The fact that Louis Vuitton offers exclusive lines and products helps add to the known fact that items are not mass produced and available forever.  If you know an item you want has only a certain availability and then is gone forever, not only does it make the item that much more rare it also helps products and designs to hold their original value!
  • Glamour, Marketing & Promotion- Louis Vuitton knows that not only do you need to have the best designers and collaborations available you also have to have the ability to market and promote your product correctly.  With top designers collaborating with the luxury brand unique and coveted designs are brought to life. With Louis Vuittons marketing technique and use of glamorous models, celebrities and other forms of class and sophistication the brand is virtually unstoppable.  No wonder why it is ranked as the #1 luxury brand world wide and it doesn’t look like it will be leaving it’s number one spot any time soon!

What it comes down to is the Louis Vuitton brand basically has it all. From high quality, top of the line products to innovation, excellent marketing tactics and so on the brand has carved not only a name for itself in the luxury world it also evokes tough competition to its competitors.


~Top Luxury Brand in the World~

The Louis Vuitton brand has been around for over 160 years and does not seemLV-top-luxury-brand to be fading away anytime in the near or far future. With a line of luggage, handbags, clothing and shoes Louis Vuitton is one of the top luxury brands that can be found and also seems to show its dominance in the luxury brand world.  We decided to do a little research to see where Louis Vuitton fell in terms of top luxury brands, as well as see how the other luxury brands rated in themselves. We have to say the results weren’t all that shocking. After all Louis Vuitton has made quite a name for itself over the years so it wasn’t that big of a suprise that it ranks #1 of all luxury brands compiled together!  Check out our list of its competitors and where they stand in terms of brand worth and popularity!

Top Luxury Brands Worldwide

  • Louis Vuitton- LV takes the cake and the crown when it comes to the most valuable and coveted luxury brand throughout the world.  With the brands estimated value at $28.4 billion it’s easy to see how it reached the number one spot. From purses to watches, to shoes and luggage the brand offers a variety of luxurious merchandise and patterns to choose from, with its most popular pattern being the LV monogram.
  • Hermes is also a luxury brand like that of Louis Vuitton that comes out of France. The brand was founded in 1837 and comes in second as far as worldwide luxury brands are concerned.  With an estimated worth at $19.2 billion it’s easy to see why the brand takes the 2nd spot but also that it trails behind Louis Vuitton significantly.
  • Gucci- This luxury brand taking third place was first founded in Florence, Italy in 1921 and is estimated to have a brand worth of  $12.7 billion. Currently the brand is owned by a French company.
  • PradaThis italian luxury brand has headquarters in Mila, Italy.  Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada is has an estimated worth of $9.4 billion.prada-luxury-brand
  • Chanel- Chanel is a private french brand that was founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel.  It has an estimated brand worth of $7 billion dollars and is famous not only or its clothing line and handbags but also for its perfume. Chanel No. 5 is the most popular perfume and coveted by many.


There are numerous other luxury brands out there that are up there on the list of the most sought after and popular luxury brands throughout the world, however these are the TOP 5. What is wonderful and incredible about each of these brands is that fact that each was started long ago by a person with passion and drive for designing and fashion.  Each founder could never imagine the success and money to be made when first starting to develop and sell their brand, yet each has succeeded beyond the norm. If there should ever be any doubt just take a look back at Louis Vuittons humble beginnings and how he came to be the top luxury designer and brand throughout the world!

Louis Vuitton Collaborations

Louis-Vuitton-collaborationsOver the years Louis Vuitton has branched out and collaborated on designs for their handbag line with many well known designers and artists.  Not only did these collaborations make for some very beautiful collections it also added a twist to the already luxurious and coveted designers brand.  In fact, we have probably said it before and we will say it again, Louis Vuitton is a definite force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry and with these collaborations he has proven that stepping outside of the box can only help to enhance his brand and make for some truly amazing and beautiful collections.

Louis Vuitton Top Handbag Collaborations

  • takashi-murakami-artist2003-2015 Takashi Murakami- Takashi Murakami is a well known Japanese artist who first began collaborating with Louis Vuitton for the release of its 2003 Summer/Spring Collection. Takashi helped to bring to life the much sought after Multicolore Monogram bag in both black & white with colorful monograms.  Next came Cherry blossoms, Monogramouflage, and Character bags. In fact the multicolore bag was probably one of the most popular collaborations ever done by Louis Vuitton, which is why the course of the collaboration with Takashi Murakami lasted for 12 years! Louis Vuitton finally decided to end the collaboration series in 2015.
  • 2003-2009 Stephen Sprouse- This collaboration started with the Spring/Summer Collection of 2001.  Then Creative Director for Marc Jacobs, Stephen Sprouse was asked to aid in creating a unique collaboration design.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas bags came out with Paris Graffiti embolized on the bag. In 2009 to celebrate the life of the famous Creative Director, Louis Vuitton released versions of the Speedy and Neverfull leather bags with Monogram Roses and Monogram Graffiti before the collaboration came to an end.  
  • 2017 Supreme- Louis Vuitton branched out a bit more during its collaborationSupreme-collaboration-LV with the brand Supreme for it’s men’s Fall/Winter Line in 2017.  You could find the epi leather with the Supreme Logo as well as other items besides bags that included, smaller leather goods, jackets, jeans and belts.  The collaboration only lasted for a short time but if you read the previous article on the 15 year old from Dubai who had is Ferrari vinyl wrapped with the Louis Vuitton Monogram and Supreme logo, you will get a better idea of what it looked like!
  • 2014 Iconoclasts Collection- to celebrate Louis Vuitton brands 160th anniversary, Vuitton collaborated with 6 different famous artists/designers including Christian Louboutin, Frank Gehry, Cindy Sherman, Karl lagerfeld, Marc Newson, amd Rei Kawakubo to create the Iconic Monogram Canvas collection. What a collection it was!

While Louis Vuitton has definitely ahs other noteworthy collaborations and collections with other artists and designers we chose theses as the ones that stood out the most to us.  One thing is for sure Louis Vuitton shows no sign of stopping in the brands creative department or as being one of the most coveted handbag designers out there no matter the passage of time.

One Of A Kind, LV Monogram Vinyl Wrapped Car!

Although vinyl wrapping your vehicle may be a bit off subject for our Louis Vuitton site, what if we told you that someone actually vinyl wrapped their car with the LV monogram. In fact what if we told you that a 15 year old boy from Dubai wrapped his Ferrari in the LV Monogram because it’s one of his favorite brands!  Of course the LV Monogram wrap is not “authentic” Louis Vuitton, but the fact that he customized his Ferrari with the Louis Vuitton logo is huge! Not only for him and his car but also for the Louis Vuitton brand in itself. Why? When George Vuitton, the son of Louis Vuitton created the LV Monogram he did so to authenticize their brand and also too brand it.  Pretty much anyone that sees the LV Monogram knows it’s Louis Vuitton. Branding your company is hugely important to any business and also gives the brand it’s own voice in the consumer world.

After seeing this video we contacted a vinyl wrap company to understand the process on how this wrap was created and so beautifully depicted on his souped up Ferrari. Although we couldn’t reach the actual vinyl wrap company in Dubai we figured an expert in the field could answer some of our questions!

How Do You Go About Printing a Logo On a Vinyl Wrap- First the owner of the car must have a blueprint template of the car made.  This enables the wrap designer to scale the images wanted perfectly to the said cars body style, curves, grooves etc.  Afterall you want the custom wrap to fit the car as if it was made for it and to look as natural as possible.

How Is the Logo Printed On?- The logo once designed is fitted to the blueprint template of your car, then printed on a large sheet of adhesive paper using a special printing machine.  A vinyl wrap professional then adheres the large sheet to your vehicle’s surface. It is important that the company printing and installing your wrap uses high quality materials.  The type of material used greatly affects the quality of your wrap.

Will The vinyl Wrap Affect The Original Paint- The vinyl wrap actually does NOT alter the original paint of your car.  Instead it protects the paint and body of the car by acting as a type of durable shield.  A vinyl wrap when taken care of as advised by the vinyl wrap company you used, should last up to 5 years.  If 15 year old Rashed Belhasa should decide he wants to remove the LV monogram he simply has to have the wrap removed and his beloved Ferrari will be restored to its original yellow color.

Not only is Rashed’s LV Monogram Ferrari one of a kind it also is quite incredible at 15 years old he owns such an exquisite automobile and has such polished tastes.  We Love your LV Monogram wrapped car Rashed and I’m sure it’s safe to say that most louis Vuitton lovers will appreciate your Ferrari for the beautiful piece of art that it is.  


Interesting Facts On Louis Vuitton

LV-monogramIf you have read our previous article you probably know a bit more about Louis Vuitton and his humble beginnings, how he got into the fashion business, and how he became such a success.  If you have not read the article you should check it out and get to know Louis Vuitton the man behind one of the most luxurious and coveted brands in the fashion world, or in the world in general! We also have more interesting facts about this famous designer, his legacy and his brand!

Interesting Facts On Louis Vuitton

  • Handmade- Each bag takes about a week to be made because they are made by hand!
  • Hold Their Value- LV bags hold their value and class so well because at the end Louis-Vuitton-Franceof every season all the leftover bags that did not sell are sent back to the factory in France where they were made.  Once there they are destroyed by either burning or shredding them. Why? No merchandise is ever sold on discount so that each product maintains its value
  • Part Of The Expense- Each bag is both waterproof and fireproof, which is one reason they are so expensive
  • The Alma- This design was actually originally created for Coco Chanel!  Talk about a great friend!
  • Leather- The tan leather that can be found on the bags is not treated with any colors or chemicals. Because of this you will notice the leather darkens over time because of natural effects.
  • No Frauds Here- Both the LV Monogram print and the Damier print were actually created so that no one could copy the design.  
  • Houdini- George, Louis Vuitton’s son created a tumbler lock for their trunk Louis-Vuitton-Trunkluggage to replace the original lock.  They were so confident of its locking abilities they actually challenged The Great Houdini to escape it. He didn’t take the bait but it’s still a pretty cool story
  • Salvador Dali- The Daligram print was created by none other than the famous artist himself Salvador Dali
  • Marc Jacobs- Another well known name connected to the LV empire is Marc Jacobs.  He was the brands artistic director from 1997-2013
  • Nicolas Ghesquiere– Nicolas is now the head designer of the Louis Vuitton legacy taking Jacobs place in 2013
  • Forbes- it made forbes list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands, taking the 14th place

Not only is Louis Vuitton one of the greatest designers of all time his brand has held its level of class, value and beautiful designs for centuries.  His story and other tidbits of information surrounding his brand just make both him and his designs that much more interesting. Beautifully made and always classy and elegant Louis Vuitton will continue to make history!

Who Was Louis Vuitton?

louis-vuitton-paris-franceLouis Vuitton is a world renowned designer that most if not all of us know of. Starting out designing luxury luggage he branched out and has created a line of clothing, bags, purses, wallets, shoes, scarfs, keychains, the list goes on and on. But where did Louis Vuitton get his beginnings and how did this iconic designer acquire his fame, fortune, and reputation?

Louis Vuitton Working Class Beginnings

Louis Vuitton was born on August 4, 1821 in a little mountain town in Anchay, France.  His family was of working class having origins in farming, carpentry, & milling. When his mother died at a young age, his father remarried giving him his vicious and mean stepmother.  Louis despised her so much that in 1835 at theeiffel-tower-paris age of 13 he set out on foot to get to Paris, a far 300 miles away! He knew there was more in life for him then this small town, evil stepmother and had a fierce determination to do great things! It took him a little over 2 years but at the age of 16 he finally reached Paris.

Box Making Apprentice  

Once in Paris he met a box maker with his own shop by the name of Monsieur Marechal who took him under his wing as an apprentice.  In this era box making was considered a highly reputable professional and Louis Vuitton quickly made a name for himself among the elite upper class of Europe.  Box Makers were not only responsible for making the boxes they also packed, shipped and unloaded the expensive clothing and such that the rich stored & traveled with.  

The Beginning Of Louis Vuittons Legacy

louis-vuitton-luggageIn 1854 Louis Vuitton married his first love and decided to leave Monsieur Marechal Box Shop to start his own in Paris.  Four years later in 1858 he designed his own trunk luggage making it rectangular and made of canvas instead of leather so that it was more durable, odor & water resistant.  The elite fashion clientele of Paris fell in love with Vuitton’s new design and his trunks were highly sought after making him a huge success. In fact just a year later he had to move to a bigger shop because of the high demand for his luggage pieces.  

A Short Downfall

In 1870 with the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War much of the French Empire was destroyed in and around Paris forcing Louis and his family to flee their town and his beloved shop. A year later he returned to the city that was now left in destruction, a shop that had been vandalized and all of his equipment stolen.  He did not take this set back laying down however! He rebuilt his shop in a new city in the “new” Paris and was among an even higher class and elite clientele. He again became greatly successful and continued making sought after luxury luggage for the next 20 years.

A Legend Passes But His legacy Lives On

On February 27, 1892 at the age of 70 Louis Vuitton passed away leaving his business to his son Georges.  His son continued to build his father’s legacy and louis-vuitton-legacyis even responsible for creating the famous LV monogram that is all over Louis Vuitton luggage, purses, wallets, and apparel today.  The family business continues to be handed down each generation and will live on for eternity. It just goes to show that with an amazing drive and spirit like Louis Vuitton you can come from humble beginnings and succeed at anything you choose.  To the 13 year old boy who walked 300 miles to get to Paris and realize his dreams!


louis-vuitton-purseHello All and WELCOME to our blog!  We hope to share with you all the beauty that can be found in the gorgeous design of all Louis Vuitton bags.  We are talking purses, luggage, men’s bags, wallets, etc.  We also wanted to share the story of Louis Vuitton, the person responsible for these exquisite bags and pieces of art!  We hope you enjoy our blog and all things Louis Vuitton.