Louis Vuitton-The Future Of The Brand

 Louis Vuitton’s plan to make their factories environmentally friendly…

Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest luxury fashion brands in the world. Ever sincetop-luxury-brand 1854, Louis Vuitton has been one of the most fashion-forward brands. And now, they have celebrities like Kanye West, Selena Gomez, and others repping their brand. But, there is stiff competition from the likes of other fashion designers like Gucci, Prada, Saint Laurent, Hermes, and more. On top of that, they face regulations from government unions that look to curb pollution in order to make Earth more sustainable. 

Factories in France In order to cut lead times and improve its supply chain, Louis Vuitton plans on building at least 2 new factories in western France. These factories plan to help keep the parent company, LVMH, up to date with increasing high fashion demand, especially within its Asian market. Now Louis Vuitton will have 16 separate French leather workshops. Louis Vuitton also has plants in other areas including the US, Spain, Portugal, and Romania.

Environmental Goals Along with expanding its production capacity, Louis Vuitton also is concerning environmental-sustainabilityitself with being an environmentally sustainable company. While it has focused on the environment before with its creation of L.I.F.E, or LVMH Initiatives For the Environment- a program that intends to lower their CO2 emissions and make the factories more environmentally friendly-there is a new L.I.F.E program that intends to further the goals in 2020.  Already, goals have been exceeded as factories are using more than 10% renewable energy, which intends to triple by 2020. Also, they intend to double their carbon funds by 2018.

Louis Vuitton and their group, LVMH intend to keep their place on top of the luxury fashion market. According to Forbes, Louis Vuitton is the 15th most valuable brand of 2018, with a brand value of almost $34 billion! And to keep that top spot Louis Vuitton has decided that because so many people now shop online, they need to increase their supply chain efficiency so that people can get their products sooner. On top of that, they believe in being an environmentally friendly company by having their factories use more and more renewable energy. Along with their successful portrayal in modern-day media, it looks like Louis Vuitton is sure to stay at the top of the luxury market for a while to come.

LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault’s Super Yacht-Symphony

LV-CEO-Bernard-ArnaultLet me introduce the CEO of LVMH( Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) which is primarily the holding company of Louis Vuitton, Mr. Bernard Arnault.  Bernard is a 68 year old Frenchman who first stepped up to the plate as the CEO and chairman of Louis Vuitton in 1989. Since then he has lead the luxury brand and it’s fine products to become the leading luxury group.  While the actual Louis Vuitton and his sons built the brand from the ground up Bernard Arnault has done a miraculous job not only keeping the brand at the top of its competitors but also maintaining its luxurious styles and coveted bags, attire, luggage and shoes.   What is a man of this stature actually worth? Arnault has a net worth of 61.6 billion dollars and is considered the second richest person in Europe. He is also undoubtedly listed as one of the top 10 billionaires on the Forbes list. So what exactly does he like to do when he isn’t running and maintaining Louis Vuittons luxury brand?  He loves yachting! And not only does he love yachting he also is an expert yachter and perhaps has one of the biggest most luxurious yachts out there. Not surprising for a man that maintains one of the most popular luxury brands! If you haven’t read our post on the actual Louis Vuitton and how his brand came about now is the time to do so.  Starting from the ground up and very humble if not poor beginnings Louis Vuitton pioneered his brand and left a legacy that was able to be maintained and continue to grow especially with the skills and work of a man such a Bernard Arnault.

Bernard began his love for yachts with the purchase of a 70 foot research vessel,Symphony-arnault-yacht Amadeus, he purchased in 2007.  From there he renovated the giant ship converting the entire main deck into the master suite with 2 guest cabins and 2 twin cabins located on the yacht as well.  He also completely had the interior of the boat redone. A vinyl boat wrapping expert we spoke with knew of the famous yacht and the renovations that followed. In fact  the owner of a Florida Boat wrap company spoke of how many boat wrapping experts would have pulled teeth to be part of such a luxurious boat renovation. He stated that it’s not everyday you see a project that large and with the capacity and money to do so much. If the company could have bid for the job he said he had numerous ideas of what he could have done to add class and comfort. From vinyl wrapping the exterior of the massive ship, to the interior as well its a project he would have loved to even have been a small part of.  However, Bernard decided to have this particular ship rebuilt in Taiwan. After its completion he enjoyed the beautiful yacht for a bit and then sold it to buy his pride and joy, the 101 meter Symphony yacht! This amazing super yacht is the biggest yacht built by Feadship. It boasts a golf tee located on the upper deck for guests to practice their swing. What’s even better is that the golf balls used are specially designed to biodegrade once they fall into the sea.

Being able to own and maintain a yacht such as the Symphony definitely comes with a hefty price tag.  Bernard Arnault definitely can afford it thanks to the billions he has amassed from running the Louis Vuitton luxury brand.  Perhaps one day Bert and his company will get the chance to work on one of his next yachts. What we can say is a huge thank you to the late Louis Vuitton for taking his talents and creating such a beautiful and classic brand that will continue to prosper..  

Coated Canvas vs. Authentic Leather

louis-vuitton-luxury-brandMany people have the misconception that Louis Vuitton bags are made out of leather, or at least all leather at that.  However, did you know that while there are parts on Louis Vuitton handbags that are made from real leather most Louis Vuitton bags are made from coated canvas!  Coated canvas is not leather at all and instead is a layer of cotton canvas that is coated with PVC, a plastic derivative.  Coated canvas actually makes the bag a lot lighter and a lot more durable than other luxury handbags that are made from authentic real leather.  It also makes Louis Vuitton bags a better investment! Still there are a lot who wonder how Louis Vuitton brand bags and such can be so pricy when they are just made from coated canvas.  The fact is the production process for Louis Vuitton bags is much more of an in depth process than other coated canvas handbags, and their is a definite distinction with Louis Vuitton!

LV-coated-canvasFacts On Coated Canvas Louis Vuitton Handbags

  • Goes through 100 stages during production process before it can be sold on retail shelves.
  • Louis Vuitton bag trim is made from authentic cowhide leather
  • Much More Durable
  • A lot lighter and great for those with back and shoulder issues
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in production

For those that are wondering what types of leathers are used for luxury handbags outside of coated canvas………

3 Basic Leathers Used For Luxury Handbags:

Full-Grain Leather-  Made from only the finest of all natural hides and have no imperfections at all!  This leather is extremely durable and offers excellent quality and a smooth texture

Corrected-Grain Leather-  This leather is also known as top grain leather.  One side of this leather is smooth and the other side has a fuzzy texture.  This is because the natura hide and texture is sanded down to showcase the smoother side.  This type of leather offers versatility which adds to its beauty.

Suede- To achieve this type of leather the inside must be split.  A soft velvety texture is created making it a favorite of many.

Exotic Leathers- while these leathers are a bit more rare they are also used inpython-leather-handbags the production of luxury handbags.  Think ostrich, stingray, crocodile, and snake/python

Even if you were thinking that Louis Vuitton bags were made completely of leather and have found out today that instead the material you covet so much is coated canvas, one fact remains the same.  Louis Vuitton bags are made very well, they hold their value and they are one of the best luxury designer bags one can carry. So cheers to coated canvas we love your lightweight luxurious durability!