What Makes the Louis Vuitton Brand No. 1????

top-luxury-brandPerhaps you may have read our last article on the top 5 luxury brands throughout the world. If so you will have seen that Louis Vuitton takes the #1 spot with total earning of 28.4 billion dollars per year.  Not only is the brand’s success due in part to the many different products offered such as luggage, handbags, men & womens fashion, shoes, and accessories, it is also due to the high quality material and lasting value of each item. In fact the Louis Vuitton brand is indeed doing something right with its lengthy success history and ability to stay at the top of the luxury fashion game. We decided to dig a little deeper into what exactly makes the Louis Vuitton brand so successful!

The Success of Louis Vuitton

  • Spectacular Quality- In the era of mass production that often resorts to quickhigh-quality-merchandise and cheap quality, Louis Vuitton stands up to the masses and delivers nothing but fine quality, “handmade” products.  While some will argue that not every bag or piece is actually made all by hand, the Louis Vuitton brand stands by the fact that while some hand sewing machines are used it does not take away from the handmade quality of the luxury brands products.  In fact in terms of where we are at with technology and in the world of fashion today hand sewing machines should be expected to be included when advertising handmade items.
  • Tradition & Innovation- The Louis Vuitton brand knows that keeping with traditions has made it a lasting brand and number one at that since 1854. However it is also aware of the fact that as times change and the brand continues to grow, innovation is also key. What once started out as a line of luggage, think trunks & chests, has now grown into a brand offering a lot more tradition-innovationvariety of merchandise.  At to that a specialized line available for customization and personalization and consumers are able to achieve exactly what design and product they want!
  • Exclusiveness of Products-  The fact that Louis Vuitton offers exclusive lines and products helps add to the known fact that items are not mass produced and available forever.  If you know an item you want has only a certain availability and then is gone forever, not only does it make the item that much more rare it also helps products and designs to hold their original value!
  • Glamour, Marketing & Promotion- Louis Vuitton knows that not only do you need to have the best designers and collaborations available you also have to have the ability to market and promote your product correctly.  With top designers collaborating with the luxury brand unique and coveted designs are brought to life. With Louis Vuittons marketing technique and use of glamorous models, celebrities and other forms of class and sophistication the brand is virtually unstoppable.  No wonder why it is ranked as the #1 luxury brand world wide and it doesn’t look like it will be leaving it’s number one spot any time soon!

What it comes down to is the Louis Vuitton brand basically has it all. From high quality, top of the line products to innovation, excellent marketing tactics and so on the brand has carved not only a name for itself in the luxury world it also evokes tough competition to its competitors.


~Top Luxury Brand in the World~

The Louis Vuitton brand has been around for over 160 years and does not seemLV-top-luxury-brand to be fading away anytime in the near or far future. With a line of luggage, handbags, clothing and shoes Louis Vuitton is one of the top luxury brands that can be found and also seems to show its dominance in the luxury brand world.  We decided to do a little research to see where Louis Vuitton fell in terms of top luxury brands, as well as see how the other luxury brands rated in themselves. We have to say the results weren’t all that shocking. After all Louis Vuitton has made quite a name for itself over the years so it wasn’t that big of a suprise that it ranks #1 of all luxury brands compiled together!  Check out our list of its competitors and where they stand in terms of brand worth and popularity!

Top Luxury Brands Worldwide

  • Louis Vuitton- LV takes the cake and the crown when it comes to the most valuable and coveted luxury brand throughout the world.  With the brands estimated value at $28.4 billion it’s easy to see how it reached the number one spot. From purses to watches, to shoes and luggage the brand offers a variety of luxurious merchandise and patterns to choose from, with its most popular pattern being the LV monogram.
  • hermes.luxury-brandHermes- Hermes is also a luxury brand like that of Louis Vuitton that comes out of France. The brand was founded in 1837 and comes in second as far as worldwide luxury brands are concerned.  With an estimated worth at $19.2 billion it’s easy to see why the brand takes the 2nd spot but also that it trails behind Louis Vuitton significantly.
  • Gucci- This luxury brand taking third place was first founded in Florence, Italy in 1921 and is estimated to have a brand worth of  $12.7 billion. Currently the brand is owned by a French company.
  • PradaThis italian luxury brand has headquarters in Mila, Italy.  Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada is has an estimated worth of $9.4 billion.prada-luxury-brand
  • Chanel- Chanel is a private french brand that was founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel.  It has an estimated brand worth of $7 billion dollars and is famous not only or its clothing line and handbags but also for its perfume. Chanel No. 5 is the most popular perfume and coveted by many.


There are numerous other luxury brands out there that are up there on the list of the most sought after and popular luxury brands throughout the world, however these are the TOP 5. What is wonderful and incredible about each of these brands is that fact that each was started long ago by a person with passion and drive for designing and fashion.  Each founder could never imagine the success and money to be made when first starting to develop and sell their brand, yet each has succeeded beyond the norm. If there should ever be any doubt just take a look back at Louis Vuittons humble beginnings and how he came to be the top luxury designer and brand throughout the world!